Rollerphone – Pull your phone out of your wristband.

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It’s more than just a cool looking watch with Tron blue lights, the Rollerphone by takes us to the very near future where you can pull your phones navigation out of your wristband via a retractable transparent screen. This futuristic cellphone concept seems to blend the concepts of these two films together. A watch and cellphone hybrid, Rollerphone acts like a mini projector on the wearer’s wrist. This projection shows the time on one side of the wrist and when the wearer turns it over, a roll out, transparent screen becomes available for phone calls.

The list of features are not unlike the smartphone you carry in your back pocket, you can watch videos, chat online, play games, read books and listen to music.

A customizable design, Rollerphone encourages perfect ergonomics and anthropometry. Essentially, the screen rolls out right to the tips of the wearer’s fingers to ensure these features

Designer: Alexey Chugunnikov

source : itechfuture