Groundbreaking Functional Mouse

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Eclipse has introduced two excellent mouse concepts. The first one, the touchmouse, has been designed with streamlined ergonomics and features 1600dpi laser technology, three button operation and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to ensure a multitude of office and home tasks. The touchscroll module offers the convenience of using a traditional horizontally scrolling wheel, while ensures the precision of a laptop track pad. Aside from its four-way scrolling ability, users can make combined commands of the mouse button and finger movements. The mobiemouse is another innovative mouse concept that uses premium materials with a die cast frame that ensures efficient use of mobile business use.

The scroll ball allows easy 4-way scrolling and features audible click feedback and requires no cleaning. This fully wireless mouse also uses 1600dpilaser technology to ensure smooth operation of different surfaces. It features flexigrip, a modifiable back leg, which provides flexibility and hand comfort to offer optimum glide height.

source : itechfuture