The Concept Solar and Wind Energy Embryo

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The industry is flooded with environmentally friendly concept designs, but often we notice that these designs are either impractical or not cost effective. However, designer Harsha Vardhan’s “Embryo” streetlight concept design looks completely practical and effective. Taking inspiration from a living sprout, he has designed a concept that not only generates energy for itself, but also for other needs. His design harvests solar and wind energy through a single structure. He proposes to install these street lamps on the sideways along the road in rows, much like the present lighting system. The flexible photovoltaic cell on the top of the hood-like roof and an included wind turbine will harness renewable energy that will not only supply power to the lamp itself, but the remaining energy can be stored in a battery contained at the bottom and used for other purposes.

The wind turbine blades are made from carbon fiber enforced plastic and the lamp uses energy-efficient LEDs. The generator lies at the bottom of the structure. We can hope to see a row of such streetlights in the near future, as the concept is quite practical and cost effective.

source : itechfuture