Future Music Player by Jose Ignacio

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Projecting a music player for the year 2020, designer José Ignacio Martínez has developed a portable music player concept for Apple dubbed the “iPod Shuffle2020” that packs unlimited music and battery capacity. Sending the user’s music in his iTunes account through G3 Internet to the inner receptor of the Shuffle, the device is updated automatically every time the user turns it on, as it always remains in sync with the music the user has in his/her computer. The battery also reacts to the G3 waves automatically and remains juiced up all the time.

Working with HyperSoundSystem technology, the iPod Shuffle2020 employs ultrasound waves that travel straight to the inner ear, allowing the listener enjoy music without any earphones. The Shuffle also integrates a microphone that receives the exterior sound/noises and eliminates them with destructive interference. If you wanna hear everything else besides the music, you can set the microphone to partially eliminate the surrounding sound or pause the device.

To turn the device on and play, the user has to push the Power button once and to play the next song, he/she has to push and hold the Power button. The user has to slide the finger up or down on the touchpad to turn the volume and push twice to go back. Like other Apple gadgets, the iPod Shuffle2020 is very intuitive, thanks to MultiTouch technology, while on the other hand, Apple’s VoiceOver technology lets the futuristic Shuffle talk to users and tell them about the song and artist they are listening to at the moment.

source : itechfuture