SENSE – Touch of Reality

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SENSE is an innovative wireless device concept that enables users to get a close and more intuitive approach with their preferred sites, games and movies by creating a sensitive and powerful connection between the system and theusers . By featuring a tact sensitive screen, this device creates a tactile experience of thermal, physical and haptical properties of a product on the computer screen.

The users have to insert their hand in the SENSE sheath to perceive different object properties like pressure, softness, roughness, hardness and many others, which is transferred to the user’s brain by featuring quite a few numbers of nerve receptors inside the device. Moreover, it features a magnification system to allowusers to sense even a particular area of a product pointing on the screen. To taste a recipe before being cooked, the device features a flavor-ink micro-printer that generates stimulated flavors via the combination of its 5 basic wax cartridges.

source : itechfuture